Cambiasso (right) leading his side to victory in last month's Polo Championship in BA (La Nacion)

Cambiaso (right) leading his side to victory in last month's Polo Championship in BA

Jordan. Brady. Tiger. It’s a short list of professional athletes who reach the pinnacle of their respective sports and become so famous (or infamous depending on your personal loyalty), fans simply refer to them by one name. If polo has a seat at that table of sporting legends, Cambiaso would be another name to add to the list.

La Nación sits down for a candid interview with the world’s greatest polo player who just led his side to victory in the Argentina Polo Open Championship. Cambiaso travels like a rock star: four months in Argentina, four months in the U.S. and four months in Great Britain with stables of 20 horses in each destination.

Having come from modest means, he bristles at the notion that polo is only for the wealthy. “In the interior of the country, the people that play polo don’t have money. In the interior, if you go to Cordoba, Salta, Mendoza, you will find there are many places where people play ‘country polo.’ They have their horses and nothing else. Now they’re not polo horses, but they play anyway.”

And while Nacho Figueras comes across as an outgoing ambassador of polo, this interview shows Cambiaso to be a very private individual who loathes travel and public interaction. He prefers to be in Buenos Aires or up in Cordoba raising his horses, although he says that has its challenges too: “People think you make a lot of money selling horses, but I haven’t made that much. If I raise a good horse, I want to keep it.” (Full Interview)

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