All first graders in BA schools study English today; only 2 schools offered classes in 2001.

All first graders in BA schools study English today; only 2 schools offered such classes in 2001.

December is usually the time for making resolutions for the year ahead, but the Government of the City of Buenos Aires is looking back and celebrating the many achievements since December 2007 when conservative Mauricio Macri was elected Mayor.

“In 2 years, we accomplished more than in the last 10,” declares the city’s microsite, “We’re making up for lost time.” The accomplishments are numerous and organized into eight broad categories including Health (20 new Health Centers, 35 new ambulances), Education & Culture (Broadband connectivity in 98% of schools, record attendance at Buenos Aires festivals), Economic Development (an emerging Technology District, the opening of an Investor Assistance Center for foreign investors), and Security (the new Metropolitan Police force, a state-of-the-art Urban Monitoring Center).

Another noteworthy achievement is designed to prepare the next generation of portenos for a more competitive global environment: English as a Second Language is now being taught in all first grade classes in the City; second and third grades will be added in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

The website is a shining example of transparency and accountability for a city government that has delivered on many 2007 campaign promises, is working today to improve the quality-of-life in Buenos Aires and is preparing for Bicentennial celebrations in 2010. Hence, the new website’s tagline: Hicimos, Hacemos, Haremos (We Did It, We Are Doing It, We Will Do It).

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