Argentina Malbec reviewed in The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal examines the meteoric rise in Argentine malbec's popularity.

With 2010 only hours away, it’s time to start making some serious resolutions for the New Year. But rather than the usual “Lose Weight, Save Money, Join A Gym” jibberish, why not make a resolution you will actually stick to. Why you might ask? Because #1) It’s delicious, #2) It’s good for your health, and #3) It’s good for your wallet.

Give up? Drink More Malbec. Anyone who has tasted a good malbec understands #1, no less an authority than The Mayo Clinic validates #2, and the Wall Street Journal recently explained #3: Good Argentine malbecs only taste expensive. To prove it, The Journal’s wine experts sampled over 50 reasonably priced malbecs and shared The Best of the Best with readers online. (Click the adjacent image to watch the video)

The top selection was the Altos Las Hormigas Malbec which they described as tasting true, earthy, authentic, with nice acidity…and it’s only $10.99, so they’re basically giving it away.And with the ongoing recession, that partially explains the meteoric rise of malbec and Argentina’s ascension to the #4 exporter of wine to the U.S. “These days we’re all looking for a good $10 bottle,” says the Journal’s John Brecher, “these are them.”

After ALH, other top picks included Trapiche and Achaval Ferrer. So there you have it…compliments of Argentina, a New Year’s Resolution you will finally enjoy throughout 2010…and beyond!

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