Hundreds of foreign jetsetters ring in the New Year at BA's Faena Hotel (Source: Clarín)

Hundreds of foreign jetsetters ring in the New Year at BA’s Faena Hotel (Source: Clari­n)

The Dow broke above 10,000 this morning and European debt concerns eased, so figures Wall Street execs could use some tips on what foreign countries to invade and blow invest their next quarterly bonus.

But this isn’t 2000 when you could charter a G-IV and kite off to Sardinia for a Tyco toga party featuring Jimmy Buffett, an ice sculpture of Michelangelo’s David spewing vodka from his privates and a birthday cake in the shape of a woman’s breasts with lit sparklers. No, this is 2010, so you’ve got to fly coach and hopefully find a country with an exchange rate that makes the hard-earned, government bailout coin go a little farther.

Look no further than Buenos Aires writes’s Michael Martin. “BA’s allure remains undiminished for American travelers looking for the romance of Paris made affordable by the weak Argentine peso,” Martin writes, “Tourism has flourished in Argentina’s capital with a bevy of new boutique hotels along the vibrant Puerto Madero waterfront and new developments by star architects.”

It’s been exactly four years since New York Magazine’s Moveable Fiesta article which declared Buenos Aires “The New Expat Heaven.” Judging by article, very little has changed. The vodka-spewing ice sculpture may still be out of reach, but then again, life is all about trade-offs.

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