Angel Cabrera celebrates his 2009 Masters victory

On the eve of this week’s 2010 Masters, Tim Rosaforte of Golf Digest pens what is arguably one of the most stirring portraits of a professional athlete and his meteoric rise from nothing to sporting elite.

In “Hungry for More,” Rosaforte breaks warm Publix bread with Argentine Angel Cabrera and shows us a man who has overcome so many obstacles in life, it makes the fact that he has won two golf majors including the 2009 Masters that much more impossible to comprehend.

“I grew up fighting against the world,” Cabrera tells Rosaforte about his life on the streets in Cordoba after being abandoned by his parents, “When you grow up hungry, you’re not afraid of anything.” Fitting then, that sharing food and drink with friends and family (he adores his two sons) plays such a central role in Rosaforte’s piece and Cabrera’s life.

In the lead and on the verge of winning the 2009 Masters, Cabrera & Co. went to Kroger to stockpile Corona for a celebration. It’s a scene straight out of Tin Cup and just like Roy McAvoy, Cabrera gives you the sense that if it ended tomorrow, he would go back home (happily) and never look back.

Rosaforte says El Pato’s homesickness for his native Argentina is so great, he makes the 14-hour trip home practically every two weeks. Bottom line, amid the mind-numbing rotation of Tiger Watch, Nike ads, text messages and Bootyism banners, you won’t hear Cabrera’s story this week, and that’s a shame. If “El Secreto de Sus Ojos” can win the Oscar, “El Triunfo de Angel” would be box office gold. (“Hungry for More”)

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