Harvard in Uruguay

The Harvard gathering in Punta del Este is emblematic of both PdE’s and Uruguay’s global appeal.

The beaches, boutiques and restaurants of Punta del Este are beginning to fill up for the year-end celebrations, as long-time property owners and first-time visitors arrive at the most famous of balnearios uruguayos.

According to El Pais, one gathering tomorrow night will be an eclectic mix of international businessmen with a common crimson bond.

Technically, Harvard does not have an Alumni Club in Uruguay, but in Peruvian entrepreneur Ernesto Quattrini, both Uruguay and Harvard might have found something better: A foreign executive who believes in Uruguay, invests in Punta del Este and plays host to visitors from around the world.

One such gathering takes place tomorrow night at Gonzalez Quattrini’s new restaurant, Nuna, a culinary homage to his native Peruvian cuisine, a global phenomenon given its mix of Spanish, Peruvian, Asian and African influences.

A Cambridge gathering in Punta was the idea of Swiss alum Stefan Eberhard who contacted Uruguay alum Francisco Ravecca and said, “I don’t even know if there is a Harvard Club in Punta del Este, but I think it would be great to get everyone together who will be vacationing there.”

Ravecca said Gonzalez Quattrini’s new restaurant would be the perfect gathering spot for the four of them, and the original four quickly turned into forty-four when word began to circulate. When all is said and done, the group expects 50-60 alumni from 15 different countries, a good indication of the global attraction Uruguay holds for world travelers and foreign investors alike. (Full Story in Spanish)

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