La CNN eligió San Rafael como uno de los cuatro lugares del mundo para el relax

The buzz surrounding San Rafael originated in New York and trickled down to the Sierra Pintadas of Mendoza.

We already know Montevideo is Having Its Moment, so what is it about San Rafael? Ever since a CNN Money study came out naming the Mendoza city one of the four best places to retire in the world, media coverage and investor buzz has been building about this picturesque slice of Argentine wine heaven also known as Bonarda Country.

While the CNN Money piece primarily piqued the interest of retirees in the U.S. and Canada, we bridged the gap two weeks ago by sharing the story and links with our followers in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Now the good news has apparently trickled down the Sierra Pintadas like a fresh mountain stream and splashed on to the front page of Mendoza’s Diario Uno.

The San Rafael buzz even crossed the Atlantic this month when Spain’s Franquicias Hoy offered a sneak preview of Hollywood Burger, the new restaurant concept they described as “coming to Argentina to revolutionize the hamburger market in the country.”

One of the world’s best places to retire, the launching pad for a revolutionary burger franchise, the terroir for Argentina’s finest Bonarda…the list of accolades and superlatives just keeps growing for this Mendoza metro of 180,000. Like a fine 2004 Bonarda, savor the moment, San Rafaelinos. (Full Story in Spanish)

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