Bodega Algodon

Algodon in Mendoza is one of 170 Argentine wineries welcoming foreign visitors and investors.

We have charted both record tourism levels in Argentina and the meteoric rise of Argentine wines on the world stage in previous posts, and one event just examined both trends simultaneously.

The 2-day Wine Tourism Congress held at the Cuyo National University brought together over 500 wine and tourism industry professionals who toasted recent achievements and began analyzing keys to continued success.

“Cluster” (racimo in Spanish) appears to be the bodega buzzword and turismo takeaway from the event according to several sources including Gabriel Fidal, the Director of Argentina’s Wine Tourism Consolidation Plan. “We have to reinforce this idea of a cluster. It means that we have more than just wineries…we also have restaurants, operators, hotels, and all of the other companies that make up this cluster of wine tourism working together in constant growth.”

In terms of growth, Angel Vespa of Bodegas of Argentina shared the good news regarding the number of inbound wine tourists in Argentina and the number of wineries open to receiving tourists in Argentina. The number of Argentina wine tourists grew 158% from 2006 (422,896) to 2010 (1.09 million), while the number of participating wineries rose 183% over the same four-year period from 60 to 170.

Rather than patting themselves on the back for a job well done, the Congress examined global case studies where coordinated activities led to even greater success including Napa Valley, Chile and the Ruta del Tequila in Mexico. At a time when Wines of Argentina is sending muddled messages about the branding and identity of Argentine wines, it is refreshing to see Argentina’s wine industry united around the common cause of cluster. (Full Story in Spanish)

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