Playa Brava Punta del Este Uruguay

The rising cost of vacations in markets like Punta del Este will prompt more Argentina staycations.

With summer vacations just around the corner here in the Southern Hemisphere, a Buenos Aires newspaper gives Argentines a sneak preview of how much they can expect to pay at various destinations throughout Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

The headline, Summer Vacations in Argentina Will Cost Up to 66% Less than Brazil or Uruguay sets the tone of the El Recado article before diving into the deep end of the price pool analyzing everything from airline tickets and rental cars to hotels, restaurants and rental condos.

Very expensive,” sums up Brazil for Argentines flocking to exotic destinations like Florianopolis, Buzios and Rio de Janeiro. Airfare from Buenos Aires to any of these destinations will easily cost US$1,000 per person while a less-than-luxurious 3-star hotel could run US$175 and rental cars will cost US$30-70 per day.

InvestBA favorite Uruguay also falls into the expensive category for Argentines planning to travel to the beach playgrounds in and around Punta del Este. While airfare is much more reasonable (US$150-250 round-trip from Ezeiza or Aeroparque), hotels and rental condominiums in Punta del Este are still expensive. Restaurants, gas and rental cars will all cost 20-50% more than in Argentina.

With the prospect of more Argentina staycations during the summer holidays, El Recado says good bargains can be found from the new construction condos in Mar del Plata (many built during the past two years) to reasonable round-trip airfare to places like Cordoba (US$150) and Bariloche where the Promoyehue is still going strong. 3-star hotels near Cerro Catedral are going for as little as US$40 per night. (Full Story in Spanish)

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