InvestBA Private Wealth Missions

InvestBA Private Wealth Missions unite individual investors in Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

InvestBA Private Wealth Missions, our annual series of one-week discovery trips showcasing opportunities for foreign investors in Argentina, return in 2012 with the first scheduled trip for US-based investors beginning in late January and several new countries added to the 2012 calendar including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Great Britain and South Africa.

Today, private investments are one of the few remaining means of wealth creation that is truly non-correlated to what is left in your portfolio. Toward that end, sophisticated investor groups are looking beyond national borders in search of emerging market opportunities with tremendous upside potential. Argentina is one such market, and you will learn first-hand from our team of venture capital professionals.

Each 6 day/5 night Private Wealth Mission is limited to a select group of 5 participants from one country. Participants have the option of traveling alone or together with their spouse and children. Two of Argentina’s most exclusive properties serve as the host for every Private Wealth Mission: Algodon Mansion in Buenos Aires and Algodon Wine Estates in Mendoza. Guest suites, meals and entertainment, domestic flights and ground transportation are all included in the Private Wealth Mission package price.

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