It may be summertime, but Buenos Aires real estate is definitely not on vacation. A story in summarizes LaNacion’s recent analysis of average real estate prices in 10 Buenos Aires neighborhoods with this headline, “Buenos Aires properties begin the year with increases up to 20%.”

Despite the restrictions for purchasing dollars and the typical summer slowdown, Buenos Aires real estate continues to be a safe harbor for large developers and small investors alike. The article features a number of important takeaways regarding two factors working in favor of property owners in Buenos Aires: land scarcity and the complete lack of a credit bubble.

One source says while 12 million square meters or real estate were built on 2,000 lots in Capital Federal over the past decade, today there are practically no available lots for development in CapFed. And in terms of mortgages, the percentage of Buenos Aires real estate transactions that involved borrowing has fallen dramatically from 32% (1999) to 6% (today).

InvestBA compiled the above presentation to help summarize the average prices of new and used condominiums in the 10 Buenos Aires neighborhoods mentioned in the original article. (Full Story in Spanish)

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