An excellent analysis today by MDZ Online’s Federico Manrique of the growth in Argentine wine exports and a closer examination of the Top 10 in terms of the US$ value of Argentine wine shipments abroad and total volume shipped in liters. The only problem is you would need a super-spy-secret-decoder-ring to decipher the blurred ranking from Wines of Argentina.

Ah, but fear not, brave Argentine wine enthusiast. We peeled the juicy data grapes and re-worked the country-by-country skinny in beautiful shades of Rose, Bonarda and Gran Reserva Malbec. We even added annual wine consumption statistics to highlight the tremendous untapped upside in BRIC nations like Brazil (1.6 liters) and China (1.2 liters), two of Argentina’s hottest export markets posting annual gains of 22% and 73%, respectively. Now there’s something to toast in the New Year. Salud!  (Full Story in Spanish)

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