Aceite de Oliva Argentina

Argentine olive oil producers received more prizes than any other nationality at the 2011 Olivinus Competition.

Good news for the olive industry in Argentina: Olives are officially the fastest-growing crop in Argentina, as global demand for olive oil and olives is booming. In 2011, Argentina exported over US$30 million worth of both products in 2011, and much of the virgin and extra virgin olive oil was sold to Brazil, Italy and the United States, the world’s number one buyer.

In the last twelve years, olive oil production in Argentina has risen 239% while the production of table olives has grown 89%. Argentina’s climate and wide variety of growing conditions in the main olive-producing regions like Catamarca, La Rioja, San Juan and Mendoza make it a prime location for olive production.

Industry officials say Argentina will soon have 250,000 acres of olive trees in production and a capacity for exporting over 100,000 tons of olive oil annually, or five times the 20,000 tons exported in 2011.

To learn more about extra virgin and other grades of olive oil, check out this excellent FAQ from The Olive Oil Times. And any foreign investors interested in learning more about olive and olive oil production in Argentina should consider attending the upcoming INTA Expone on April 20-22 in Cerrillos, Salta. (Full Story in Spanish)

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