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475,000 recycled bottles are being collected to build the world’s largest billboard in Bariloche.

In an effort to kickstart tourism and draw attention to the corner of Argentina negatively impacted by last year’s volcanic eruption, the citizens of Bariloche and surrounding towns will soon erect the world’s largest billboard.

According to Clarin, the billboard will measure over three miles in length and be constructed using 475,000 recycled plastic bottles. The organizer’s goal is to have the giant sign visible on Google Earth. Recycling bins have already been placed around the City of Bariloche to begin the bottle collection effort.

Once fully assembled on the outskirts of Bariloche, the 475,000 bottles in the billboard will spell out the domain name, elijamospatagonia.com (wechoosepatagonia.com), a website which is still not live but will eventually contain tourist information about various destinations in the Patagonia region of Argentina.

After the giant billboard has been photographed by satellite, organizers plan to disassemble it and sell the individual bottles to raise money to support tourism and charitable causes in towns like Bariloche and Villa La Angostura which lost thousands of jobs and millions in tourism revenue last year following the eruption of the Puyehue volcano last June. (Full Story in Spanish)

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