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Puertas Abiertas: The two countries will pursue 100% free movement of people, goods and services.

“May the businessmen move where the winds blow in their favor.”  That stirring open market homage from Uruguay President Jose Mujica was the perfect summation of his meeting with his Brazilian counterpart Dilma Rousseff yesterday in Montevideo.

With current Argentina import restrictions and the YPF announcement poised to further divide an already frozen Mercosur, Uruguay and Brazil are ready to pursue total economic integration between the two nations. According to El Observador, Mujica and Rousseff have decided to assemble a commission of experts who will hammer out the details to allow 100% free movement of people, goods and services between Brazil and Uruguay.

“The Brazilian political position will be one of open doors to Uruguay products,” Mujica announced. Simultaneously he wants more Uruguayan companies to pursue business models that will add value and quality to the Brazilian supply chain. By opening its doors to the northern neighbor of 200 million consumers, Uruguay will benefit from the capital, technology, new jobs and higher salaries that Brazilian companies bring to Uruguay.

Defense is one of the industries that will serve as the Uruguay/Brazil collaboration model, with the former country manufacturing parts for the emerging superpower with a growing military. The other industries where the two countries are prioritizing integration include medicine, science, technology, and energy including a US$200 million, 100 megawatt wind farm to be built near Chuy, Uruguay on the Brazilian border. (Full Story in Spanish)

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