Breast Implants Buenos Aires Argentina

Araceli Gonzalez: An enhanced reference point for many Argentine woman at the doctor’s office.

Argentina has always been one of the most popular countries for foreign visitors looking for talented plastic surgeons offering cosmetic procedures at affordable prices. Now with the advent of savings accounts and flexible payment plans, the massification of plastic surgery is underway in Argentina. Or as one local provider is calling it…Cirugia Plastica para Todos.

According to a report circulated at the 30th Annual International Congress on Medicine & Cosmetic Surgery, over 300,000 cosmetic procedures are performed annually in Argentina placing the country ahead of Canada, France and Great Britain. The 60,000 breast implants inserted in Argentina in 2010 rank the country number four in the world, or six spots higher than Argentina’s current world soccer ranking.

A member of the Argentina Society of Plastic Surgeons tells Misiones Online that demand for plastic surgery in Argentina is now coming from the middle class who are using their credit cards to pay for their procedures in fixed monthly payments. One provider promotes breast implants for 6,000 pesos (US$1,350) and six monthly payments of US$225, while another touts two-area liposuction for 5,290 pesos (US$1,200) or six payments of US$200.

According to a recent survey in Perfil, when it comes to breast implants, most Argentine women tell their doctors they want to look like Araceli Gonzalez, Pamela David or Silvina Luna. For cola enhancements, Luciana Salazar, Jesica Cirio and “Pampita” Arodhain top the list, while Pampita, Ingrid Grudke and Maria Vazquez are the reference point for lip augmentation. (Full Story in Spanish)

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