Depending on snowfall, Argentina ski season runs now through October with the peak months being July and August.

Argentina ski season is officially underway, and the fact that fresh powder is currently falling at all of the major resorts is stoking the enthusiasm of skiers and snowboarders both here and abroad.

This year’s snow showers are a welcome change and stark visual contrast from last year’s ash blanket courtesy of Pueyhue, the Chilean volcano that forced flight cancellations, ruined the landscape and wrecked the ski season for travelers and resorts alike. Now the pent-up demand from those who missed their 2011 fix is generating fresh optimism among resorts and Brasiloche Dreaming headlines from ski-crazy neighbor Brazil.

Adding fresh fuel to the downhill wanderlust are the websites of the major resorts which are finally harnessing the power of social media to their advantage. Las Lenas in Mendoza has the most robust and informative site complete with five web cams showing fresh powder on all runs. Chapelco Ski Resort in San Marti­n de los Andes has nine web cams and their own app downloadable for Androids and iPhones, while Bariloche’s Cerro Catedral puts more emphasis on Facebook and Twitter.

Not surprisingly, Twitter is becoming the platform of choice for real-time sharing of white landscapes and downhill activity at Argentina ski resorts. Bariloche’s Rio Negro says these photos and continued snowfall will be pivotal in generating additional bookings over the coming weeks, especially from Brazil where charter flights are expected to come fast, furious and…the Powder Gods willing…full. (Full Story in Spanish)

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