Ashley Madison Argentina

Ashley Madison already has 72,000 registered members in Argentina, 61% of whom live in Greater Buenos Aires.

The world’s second fastest-growing social network has landed in Argentina, but it’s not exactly a forum for sharing with your closest friends and family. In fact, it encourages just the opposite: connecting with total strangers and having marital affairs. And apparently tens of thousands of Argentines are not single and ready to mingle.

According to SiteMarca, Ashley Madison is investing US$500,000 in Argentina, and the website has already attracted 72,000 members, 61% of whom live in Buenos Aires. The company’s VP for Latin America, Pedro Falkenbach, says 180,000 Argentine visitors attempted to register before the service was even available in this country, and the goal is to reach 500,000 members by the end of 2012.

The company conducted a survey of members in 25 countries and found that Argentine men were the most inclined to “have an adventure,” although Brazil and Spain are the two countries with the highest rates of infidelity; Canada has the lowest. In Argentina, Ashley Madison attracts more men (67%) than women (33%), which is why the company’s marketing is heavily geared towards the ladies.

Falkenbach says male members typically have three affairs and usually wait 6 to 9 months after their first “adventure” before logging on and pursuing another. In contrast, females show greater restraint and typically have 2 affairs while waiting 18 months between flings. Bloomberg Businessweek says online dating is a US$1.5 billion industry, and sites promoting infidelity account for 10-30% of that total. (Full Story in Spanish)

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