iphone 5 in argentina and uruguay

The iPhone 5 arrives in Uruguay malls this December. In Argentina, it will arrive in carry-on luggage.

They’re dancing out of the glass cube on 5th Avenue, high-fiving punters on Regent Street and chest-bumping keeners at the Eaton Centre. The iPhone 5 has landed, and the shortlist of approved countries reads more like the seating chart at a G8 summit: US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

For iPhone fanatics in Argentina and Uruguay, the celebration will have to wait a few months as both countries are slated for the third round release in December 2012. The December release will expand iPhone 5 sales channels to 240 carriers and 100 countries including all of Latin America.

In Uruguay, the iPhone 5 will be sold through both Claro and Movistar outlets; both carriers are authorized retailers listed on Apple.com. The iPhone 4S (pictured) is currently available in Uruguay for around US$500 (16GB) or US$650 (32GB) with a 2-year contract.

In Argentina, the iPhone 5 will not be sold through official channels, even though the company still lists Claro, Movistar and Personal on the page “Donde Comprar iPhone”. MinutoUno says Argentine consumers will be able to buy an iPhone 5 abroad and purchase the new iPhone 5 SIM card at Movistar outlets.

Buying an iPhone 5 in Argentina through auction sites like MercadoLibre will be another unofficial and expensive option. Multiple vendors currently offer unlocked 16GB iPhone 4S for US$1,200. (6,000 ARS). (Full Story in Spanish)

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