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Roll it up and make it smaller: Sushi Club and others are embracing the franchise boutique concept.

Smaller footprint. Less overhead. Fewer or even no employees. For established franchises operating in Argentina today, less is definitely more when it comes to growing the network and attracting new franchisees.

Cronista’s Laura Andahazi says Argentina’s current environment of high inflation, waning confidence and anemic growth is prompting many Argentine franchisers to roll-out smaller opportunities. Argentina’s two fastest-growing franchise sectors, restaurants and coffee shops, were the quickest to adapt and embrace the Menos es Mas mantra.

Cafe Martinez is rolling out not one, but two smaller options for potential franchisees: self-service coffee machines for high-traffic public spaces called Punto Expreso and efficient 540 square foot (50 m2) outlets dubbed Barra al Paso. The former requires an initial investment of US$30,000 while the latter runs US$50,000 compared to US$120,000 for a full-size Cafe Martinez.

“Franchise boutique” is how Sushi Club is referring to their new smaller offerings: 2,000-square foot (180 m2) restaurants and 430 sf (40 m2) “Delivery only” outlets for preparing and delivering California rolls in Canitas and nigri in Nunez. Andahazi cites Sei Tu ice cream as another Argentina franchise embracing the boutique concept, but it will be a challenge considering their website is down.

On the other hand, maybe they’re just taking this whole Less is More concept to the extreme. (Full Story in Spanish)

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