Campos en Venta Colonia Uruguay

This farm in one of Uruguay’s most productive regions is being offered for less than US$5,000 per acre.

This is a unique opportunity to purchase Uruguay farmland in Colonia, one of the most fertile and productive regions for agribusiness investments in Uruguay.

The 133-acre (54 hectare) farm is actually two 66.6-acre contiguous parcels with extremely high soil quality ratings as measured by Uruguay’s CONEAT Index. The western parcel has a productivity value of 168 and real value of 220, while the eastern parcel has a productivity index of 187 and a real value of 217.

The average CONEAT value is 100, and anything above 130 is considered land suitable for agriculture purposes. Real values take into consideration factors like proximity to highways, port facilities and populated areas. This Colonia farm’s 200+ real values reflect the property’s ideal location on Route 22 only 23 miles (38 km) from Colonia, 62 miles (100 km) from the Port of Nueva Palmira and 100 miles (160 km) from Montevideo.

This farm has well-maintained fences, two paddocks and abundant water resources with several creeks running northwest to southeast throughout the property. 123 acres or 92% of the total farmland is currently sown for agricultural use. Average annual rainfall in this part of Colonia is 47 inches and average temperatures are 71F (summer), 57F (fall), 46F (winter) and 59F (spring).

Price: US$4,500 per acre

For more information about this Colonia farm or other Uruguay farmland investments, simply complete the form below.

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