Los fanáticos que festejaban en el Obelisco el 12-12-12 destruyeron y asaltaron varios comercios

Federal water cannons move in to presumably cool the “passion” of CABJ fans attacking a McDonald’s.

When Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel or “Johnny Football” won the prestigious Heisman Trophy last Saturday, the win was undoubtedly a source of pride for fans of the university that has gone as far as to trademark the phrase, “Home of the 12th Man.”

Buenos Aires futbol club, Boca Juniors, has a similar folklore and association between their fans being the 12th Man, or Jugador Numero 12, which they proudly display on banners when they pack the club’s stadium in La Boca.

With yesterday’s date being 12-12-12, the Boca faithful took to Twitter and Facebook to rally support for the “World Day for Boca Fans” (Di­a Mundial del Hincha de Boca) and over 50,000 turned out for last night’s celebration which began peacefully but deteriorated rapidly. Over 6,000 blue-and-gold clad “fans” were still hanging around the Obelisk at 22:00 when things got ugly.

In a totally misdirected and pathetic show of support for their beloved Boca, the hincha xeneize showed their “passion” by kicking in metal blinds, breaking storefronts and stoplights, spray painting monuments and ransacking multiple businesses including a McDonald’s, a Burger King, a cell phone store, clothing stores and the Channel 13 office.

Today the club released a statement condemning last night’s violence and promising “severe penalties” if any club members can be identified on any of the videos shot by the Cronica TV mobile unit…which was ultimately destroyed as well. You stay classy, Sin Diego. (Full Story in Spanish)

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