Calidad de Vida en Montevideo

Montevideo ranks #1 in South America in Mercer’s 2012 Quality of Living Worldwide City Ranking.

Mercer has released the results of their annual Quality of Living survey, and both Montevideo and Buenos Aires find themselves in a familiar place…at the top.

The Mercer 2012 Quality of Living Worldwide City Rankings survey 221 global cities using New York as the base city for comparisons. Factors such as internal stability, law enforcement effectiveness, crime levels, medical facilities, infrastructure, public transportation and international flight connections are all taken into consideration by the Mercer research team.

Ranking #77 overall, Montevideo emerges as the #1 city in South America in terms of quality of living. Buenos Aires checks in this year at #81 overall and second-place overall in South America. Montevideo moved up two spots from last year’s ranking (#79), while Buenos Aires dropped three spots from last year’s #78 ranking.

Overall, the top five cities in this year’s ranking are Vienna, Zurich, Auckland, Munich and Vancouver. The top three US cities are Honolulu (28), San Francisco (29) and Boston (35). Other South American cities in the top half of the ranking were Santiago de Chile (91) and Brasilia (102), with Sao Paulo (115) and Lima (121) ranking in the bottom half of the 221 metros.

The Mercer results reinforce The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2012 report which ranked Buenos Aires and Montevideo as two of the most livable cities in Latin America. (Full Story in Spanish)

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