Creative Class in Buenos Aires

Who wants to be a tech giant? Entrepreneurs like these Wayra winners are moving to Palermo Hollywood.

Lights! Camera! Seed Capital! The path to becoming the next Instagram or Twitter may pass through perennially cool and increasingly tech-centric Palermo Hollywood.

Silicon Valley Is Emerging In The Coolest Neighborhood In Buenos Aires is the headline of Fernando Gutiérrez’s report in today’s El Observador chronicling the recent influx of tech startups and seed accelerators in Palermo Hollywood and simultaneous surge in the BA barrio’s hip quotient.

“If there is a Buenos Aires neighborhood that breathes creativity, it’s Palermo Hollywood. Today it is the epicenter of Buenos Aires gastronomy and a focus of porteño culture. Real estate values are soaring, and the possibility of running into a celebrity is inversely proportionate to your chance of finding a free table at restaurants or a parking space,” writes Gutiérrez.

That shortage of seating and parking is courtesy of seed accelerators like Wayra which are now magnets for talented twenty and thirty-somethings ready to conquer the Web or at least fail fast and cheap, dust themselves off and move on to the next idea. The Telefonica project is now sprinkling its third batch of tech entrepreneurs with capital, coaching and cultura comunitaria.

The global convergence of mobile, Internet, TV and movies is a win/win for Palermo Hollywood which the city is promoting internationally as an Audiovisual District along with the booming Tech District in Parque Patricios. (Full Story in Spanish)

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