Uruguay en la tapa de Vogue

First J. Crew and now Vogue…Uruguay is turning heads in the fashion world. (Photo: Vogue)

In the world of fashion, you know you’ve made it when you land on the cover of Vogue, so the new issue is some serious Manhattan validation for one gorgeous rising star…Uruguay.

Vogue chose Uruguay as the background for the May issue with celebrated fashion photographer Mario Testino capturing the natural beauty of Uruguay, a polo match, the rolling hills of Maldonado and the white sand beaches of Jose Ignacio.

Uruguay’s ascension to the cover of Vogue is already making front-page news in Montevideo. Uruguay en la tapa de Vogue is a lead story today in El Pais. The author consults with Uruguay fashion experts who say the May issue is interesting for two reasons: “One, that it was shot in our country and two, that the photographer is one of the best artists in the business, Peruvian Mario Testino.” 

It was only a year ago that Uruguay was featured on the cover of the J. Crew catalogue, so the Conde Nast nod now gives some serious street cred to a country that was relatively unknown a few years ago. While some critics may have felt Uruguay did not meet the traditional Anna Wintour definition of beauty, the May cover should silence any naysayers.

American supermodel Kate Upton appears in the photos as well. (Full Story in English)

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