Hoteles en Bariloche

Opening January 2014, the Arelauquen Lodge will set the new standard for luxury hotels in Bariloche.

Argentina Ski Season 2013 is officially underway, and the country’s leading downhill destination is welcoming record numbers of charter flights, hotel guests and foreign visitors.

“Record Number of Foreign Visitors in Bariloche” is the title of Soledad Maradona’s article in today’s La Nacion which links the sudden surge in South American skiers and snowboarders with the season’s first snowfall, falling temperatures, the long holiday weekend and the 43rd Annual National Snow Festival.

The first major snowfall on Monday was ample incentive for travelers to book last-minute ski vacations, and Maradona says flights from Buenos Aires are arriving full and hotel rooms are hard to come by. With average hotel occupancy above 80%, Maradona says Bariloche is once again setting records for foreign visitors, a far cry from the 2011 season when the Puyehue eruption brought business and area ski lifts to a standstill.

Fast forward to 2013 and Bariloche is back thanks in large part to neighboring Brazilians. This month will set the all-time record for Brazilian tourists in Bariloche with direct flights arriving daily from Belo Horizonte and connecting flights from Rio and Sao Paulo. Maradona says over 120 Brazilian charters will bring more than 20,000 Brazilian ski fanatics to Argentina’s premier ski destination this winter. (Full Story in Spanish)

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