Cavaron un tunel cinco meses pero salieron a una muebleria

5 months of digging led to a furniture store (blue) about 60 feet from the intended bank (green).

It was the perfect plan. Rent a vacant garage in a quiet corner of Buenos Aires, dig a tunnel from the garage to the bank next door and clean out the vault over a weekend.

Not only was it possible…in Buenos Aires there was precedent! Two years ago bank robbers dug a 100-foot tunnel into a Banco de la Provincia location in Belgrano and made away with 130 safe deposit boxes over a long holiday weekend.

Perhaps with that 2011 heist as motivation, the bank robbers rented a vacant garage at Yerbal 4344 in the Floresta neighborhood six months ago and labored day and night digging a 260-foot tunnel using a sophisticated underground arsenal of pneumatic picks, hydraulic tools and oxygen tanks.

After five months of digging, the tunnel was finally complete this weekend, and the thieves were ready to enter the vault of the Banco Piano located at Rivadavia 8731. But rather than greenbacks and gold coins, the tunnel opening was sandwiched between children’s bedroom furniture.

According to Clarin’s Leonardo de Corso, the robbers erred in their calculations and dug their tunnel directly under the El Mundo del Mueble furniture store over sixty feet away from the bank. The furniture storm alarm was triggered, and the robbers fled.

All in all, it wasn’t a total loss considering they made away with 4,500 pesos from El Mundo’s cash register…just slightly less than the 120,000 pesos in rent and real estate commissions they paid for the garage. (Full Story in Spanish)

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