3D Lab Fab and Cafe

Model City: Now you can print a bike, a guitar or your very own personal Puerto Madero.

A new Buenos Aires business is bringing 3D printing to the masses and a new franchise model which puts a more collaborative twist on the old cybercafe concept.

The 3D Lab Fab & Cafe opened this week in Palermo Soho (Costa Rica 5198) with the goal of offering a space where, according to the website, patrons can “have a coffee, spend an afternoon studying or inventing something new to save the world!”

It’s the emphasis on creating, inventing and brainstorming that gives the 3DLFC more of a shared office vibe compared to a traditional cybercafe where patrons zone out staring at individual laptops. Hot coffee, cold Quilmes, multiple living rooms, Playstations and Xbox consoles are thrown into the mix to keep the collaborative juices flowing.

And when it’s time to hit the “Print” button, your Earth-saving creation will magically appear on one of ten 3D printers from makers like Leapfrog, Trimaker, Kikai Labs, 3DSystems, Reprap and Stratasys. Some of the machines cost as much as US$300,000 according to iProfesional’s Cesar Dergarabedian.

So what kind of cool things can you produce on a 3D printer? Check out this Hongkiat post for some inspiration, and then head over to Palermo to print it out. (Full Story in Spanish)

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