Buenos Aires Fashion Week 2013/14

Cecilia Gadea & Johanna Wilhelm are two of the artists who fused paper, art and fashion for BAFWEEK.

The Spring/Summer edition of Buenos Aires Fashion Week (BAFWEEK) begins today in Palermo, and it should be interesting to see how much creative juice local designers can wring from this year’s source of inspiration…paper.

Like an episode of Iron Chef where culinary artists are asked to wrap their minds and knives around a seemingly bland ingredient like eggplant or milk, several of this week’s BAF designers paired up with paper artists to create collections with unusual shapes and volume derived from the cuts and folds of the protagonist known as papel.

Seven of the designers showing this week accepted the paper challenge and paired up with paper sculptors including Cecilia Gadea with Johanna Wilhelm, Benitez Emilse with Sergio Lamanna, Vicki Otero with Sofia Noceti and Romina Cardillo with Bruno Tortolano.

In total, 28 collections will be on display beginning today at 10:30 with Josephine and ending Friday night with Kostume at 21:00. In between, attendees and the local fashion press will get their first look at spring/summer collections from Kosiuko, Belen Amigo, Desiderata, Mariana Dappiano and De la Ostia among others. (Full Story in Spanish)

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