Why Invest In Uruguay

Uruguay is attracting record levels of foreign investment thanks to a climate of stability and transparency.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Uruguay has surged fourteen times over the past decade, and Uruguay FDI as a percentage of GDP is one of the three highest rates in Latin America.

The new numbers released by Uruguay XXI show FDI in Uruguay has risen from a mere US$194 million in 2002 to three consecutive years of inflows exceeding US$2 billion: 2010 (US$2.289 Bn), 2011 (US$2.498 Bn) and 2012 (US$2.775 Bn), according to InfoNegocios.

The US$2.775 billion of foreign funds that entered Uruguay last year represent 5.3% of the country’s GDP, the third-highest percentage in Latin America after Peru (6.2%) and Chile (11.3%).

Neighboring Argentines led the list of foreign investors in Uruguay with a 32.5% slice of the 2012 FDI pie followed by investors from Spain (7.8%), Holland (6.9%), Brazil (6.8%), and the United States (3.1%).

To summarize why Uruguay is a magnet for everyone from private equity groups to farm investors to hedge funds, Uruguay XXI released an infographic titled Why Invest in Uruguay? Among the country’s many selling points are a favorable business climate, equal treatment for foreign investors, political stability, solid infrastructure, high Internet penetration, free trade zones, major ports and one of the world’s best airports. (Full Story in Spanish)

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