Google Street View Argentina

Google will use both cars and Trekker backpacks to capture panoramic photos in Argentina.

Brazil has it. Chile has it. Colombia has it. So when will the country that loves to look at itself have it? Very soon according to Google.

Six years after its initial launch in the U.S., Google Street View has been rolled out to a few accessible corners of Latin America. A lack of highway infrastructure, paramilitary zones and small obstacles like the Amazon and Andes make it a bit more challenging to map than Main Street USA.

Now, after years of rumors, Argentina is finally getting in on the act, and Argentine streets have exactly one week to primp for the Google cameras. According to, the Google Street View cameras and lasers will begin capturing the streets and buildings of Buenos Aires next Wednesday. The Plaza del Congreso will be kilometro cero.

Sources believe Google might use as many as 80 cars to take 360-degree images in Argentina. The company also plans to capture images using the Street View Trekker backpacks for hard to reach corners of the country. (Full Story in Spanish)

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