Subte Linea F Buenos Aires

When it opens in 2019, the F Line will transport half a million BA passengers daily.

Super Size It. That’s what the City of Buenos Aires is planning to do with the next Subte line which will undoubtedly be the city’s busiest when it officially opens in 2019.

The “F” Line (Map) is scheduled to run from the Constitucion train station in the south to the Plaza Italia station in Palermo. Along the way, the “F” will intersect five other Subte lines including the C at Constitucion, the D at Plaza Italia, the A in Congreso, the B in Callao and the E in Rodolfo Walsh.

When operational, the City believes the F will transport 500,000 passengers daily, or 150,000 more per day than the busiest Subte line currently, the B. In order to accommodate the record traffic, F line trains will have seven cars (compared to five or six on the other lines), the cars and tunnels will be wider, and the station platforms will be the longest in BA.

The financing model for the new US$500 million line will be similar to the new G Line, according to Perfil’s Gustavo Ajzenman. If the country’s credit ratings have improved in two years, Subte officials hope to borrow from a foreign source like China, the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) or the IADB. (Full Story in Spanish)

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