New 7 Wonders Cities

Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Montevideo are on the shortlist which gets even shorter today.

Three of our favorite cities are in the running to be named one of the seven new municipal wonders of the world in a competition organized by the Zurich-based New7Wonders Foundation.

Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Montevideo are three of the 77 cities that made the last two rounds of voting which saw the elimination of 1,200 cities from 220 countries worldwide during nomination and qualification stages.

Today the shortlist of 77 cities gets even shorter as 49 will be axed leaving only 28 cities eligible for the title of New 7 Wonders City to be awarded in 2014.

The other ten South American cities in the running for the title of “Ciudad Maravillosa” include Asuncion, Bogota, Caracas, Cuenca, Curitiba, Cuzco, La Paz, Quito, Rio de Janeiro and Valparaiso.

Once the 28 finalists are named today, three rounds of voting will whittle the field down to 21 then 14 and finally 7 which will be named on December 7, 2014. (Full Story in Spanish)

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