Una médica baleó el auto de un empresario porque ocupaba su lugar en una cochera de Recoleta

The Doctor Is In…and She’s P***ed. She found a car parked in her space and it was Go Time.

As if the high price of parking in Buenos Aires wasn’t stressful enough, add this to your list of estacionamiento estrés.

A Buenos Aires businessman drove into his Recoleta parking garage yesterday to find his private space occupied by another vehicle. Rather than wasting time trying to locate the vehicle’s owner, he decided to just park in a different space.

Shortly thereafter, a Buenos Aires doctor pulled into the same garage beneath the Recoleta cemetery and found the businessman’s black Peugeot 307 parked in her space. And then it was on like Donkey Kong.

Rather than parking in a different space or tracking down the attorney, the female doctor allegedly stepped out of her Ford EcoSport and opened fire on the businessman’s French sled…executioner style. Three in the windshield and four in the rear window.

According to iProfesional, the businessman filed a complaint at the 19th Precinct, and police were waiting for the female suspect to return to the Recoleta garage. (Full Story in Spanish)

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