Buenos Aires Street Parking

Lefties: The dearth of parking spaces is compounded by the number cars selling and garages closing.

Record sales of new cars this year in Argentina means two things in Buenos Aires: more traffic and fewer places to park.

In an ongoing effort to free up curbside parking spaces, the City of Buenos Aires will allow parking on the left-hand side of 489 city blocks in Belgrano, Coghlan, Colegiales, Floresta, Palermo, Villa Urquiza and Villa Ortuzar.

The new block additions will bring the 2013 total of blocks approved for estacionar a la izquierda to 1,050 and the four-year total since 2010 to 3,855 city blocks, according to Clarin’s Silvia Gomez.

In order to be considered for left-side authorization in Buenos Aires, a street must be at least 8 meters (26.2 feet) wide with no or very little city bus traffic. Authorized blocks should be clearly marked with circular blue signs with the letter “E”.

By some estimates BA has around 1.2 million parking spaces, but over 1.7 million vehicles enter the city each day. Compounding matters is the fact that more than 1,100 Buenos Aires parking garages have been closed and sold over the past decade to make way for new mid-rise and high-rise construction. (Full Story in Spanish)

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