Subway Franchise Argentina

Futbol and Footlongs: Subway was Argentina’s fastest-growing franchise network in 2012.

Subway is conquering the Argentina fast food landscape one 15-centimeter sub at a time and planning a year-end marathon like no other in the history of Argentina franchises.

The world’s largest restaurant operator will open a new Subway every 72 hours over the next two months in Argentina, according to Apertura’s Joaquin Garau. Most of the new locations will be located in Capital Federal, the northern suburbs of Greater Buenos Aires and Cordoba.

The 24 new locales will bring the total number of Subways in Argentina to 140, or 1 Subway for every 293,000 Argentines compared to 1 Subway for every 468,000 residents just six months ago. In the process, Subway will surpass long-established Argentine franchises like Havanna (130) and Cafe Martinez (120) in terms of total number of franchises.

With 670 established franchises and over 30,000 locations nationwide, the franchise landscape in Argentina is one of the most attractive and competitive in Latin America. LaveRap, Grido and SeiTuGelato are the three franchises with the most locations in Argentina. In 2012, Subway was the fastest-growing franchise network in Argentina. (Full Story in Spanish)

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