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Uruguay is the most transparent country in Latin America according to Transparency International.

More positive reinforcement today for foreign investors considering Uruguay as a destination for portfolio diversification and wealth preservation.

Uruguay is Viewed As the Most Transparent Country in Latin America is the headline in today’s El Observador summarizing the 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index from Berlin-based Transparency International.

On a scale from 0 (totally corrupt) to 100 (very transparent), Uruguay is the most transparent country in Latin America with a score of 73 followed closely by Chile (72), a one-two combination that mirrors the results of the 2014 Corruption Risk Index.

Uruguay and Chile are the only two Latin American countries in the upper echelon of transparency along with countries like the United Kingdom (76), Belgium (75), Hong Kong (75), Japan (74) and the United States (73).

The next Latin American nation in the annual ranking of 177 countries and territories is Puerto Rico (62) followed by Costa Rica (53), Cuba (46), Brasil (42), Peru (38), Colombia (36), Ecuador (36), Panama (35), Argentina, Bolivia and Mexico (34 each).

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