Uruguay Immigration Law

Montevideo’s airport is the point of entry for an increasing number of foreign visitors seeking Uruguay residency.

The number of foreign nationals requesting and receiving Uruguay residency rose 142% in 2013 reaching the highest level since passage of the country’s generous Migration Law in 2008.

The Number of Argentine Residents Tripled is the headline of Gabriela Cortizas’ article in El Pais which shows, in addition to the recent Argentine influx, a doubling of the number of new residents coming from neighboring Brazil. Growth in new Uruguay residents from Europe is also strong with emigrants from Spain leading the way followed by Germany, Italy, France and the UK.

In addition to regional instability and global financial crises, the catalyst has been the 2008 passage of Uruguay Immigration Law Number 18,250 which grants foreign residents the same rights as Uruguay citizens without distinction based on “sex, race, color, language, religious or political beliefs, national origin, ethnic or social status, nationality, age, economic situation, wealth, civil status, birth or any other condition.”

While the number of resident applications actually declined during the three years following the law’s introduction, that trend reversed sharply in 2012. In Uruguay, any person that fulfills the requirements of the residency process automatically receives the same rights as a natural born citizen. Residents are protected by Uruguay laws and any ratified international treaties which makes Uruguay an attractive country for foreigners considering relocation. (Full Story in Spanish)

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