uruguay olive production

Uruguay olive groves like this one in Minas produce Extra Virgin olive oil for export.

2013 was another banner year for Uruguay olive farmers and olive oil producers capped by the country’s acceptance in the prestigious International Olive Council (IOC). Now a new report from the country’s leading economic development agency says Uruguay will emerge as a major olive producer over the next five years.

A summary of the Uruguay olive production report in today’s InfoNegocios says Uruguay currently has 9,000 hectares (22,230 acres) of olive groves with local farmers planting 500 to 1,000 new hectares (1,000-2,500 acres) of olive trees every year.

At this pace, Uruguay’s annual production of premium olives for oil and cosmetics will exceed 10 million kilos by 2020. The top two destinations for Uruguay olive oil exports in 2012 were the US (73%) and Brazil (25%), although Uruguay XXI is forecasting greater dispersion of Uruguay olive oil exports to Canada, China, India, Japan and Mexico going forward. (Full Story in Spanish)

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