dique cero puerto madero

Under the bridge downtown: Neglected underpasses will become art & tourism magnets. (Photo: La Nacion)

The City of Buenos Aires is planning to extend Puerto Madero’s wave of waterfront renewal further south to an area of the city long neglected ever since the construction of the elevated highway to La Plata.

That highway, like the General Paz beltway, has isolated southern neighborhoods like Barracas, La Boca and San Telmo from the waterfront and created several large underpasses which are shadowy magnets for illicit activities.

With Dique Cero (Dock Zero), the City plans to transform the underpasses into magnets for culture and tourism-related activities, according to La Nacion’s Angeles Castro.

Castro says the focus will be on cleaning up Pedro de Mendoza Avenue which runs parallel to La Plata highway. An open bid process will award the concession for the 30,000 square meter (7.4 acre) zone now known as Dock Zero. In return, the concessionaire will invest $40 million pesos (US$5 million) to transform the abandoned spaces this year and attract a wave of start-up companies geared toward the arts, culture and tourism.

In addition to a wave of private sector investment, city officials believe the Dock Zero project will improve the security and quality of life for residents with more green spaces, better lighting, and easier circulation with the addition of new streets, sidewalks and elevated pedestrian bridges. (Full Story in Spanish)

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