Enjoy Conrad Angels

Model U.N.: The four members of the Conrad Angels hail from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

Yes, the Conrad Angels are a thing, and apparently they were the most remarkable thing to hit Mendoza during this month’s 2014 Wine Harvest Celebrations.

“The Conrad Angels Revolutionized Mendoza” is the headline in today’s society section of MDZ Online which explains the marketing promotion by Chile’s Enjoy which created this elite smiling force from hundreds of aspiring Southern Cone special forces applicants.

And while Charlie’s Angels often vacillated between looking good and fighting crime, a top secret photo gallery depicts the Conrad Angels lounging in the pool, lounging next to the pool, standing next to the pool, posing next to an SUV, placing bets at the roulette table, and of course sharing a champagne toast…because all of that lounging and posing is simply exhausting.

The four members of Conrad Angels are Maria Paz Delgado (Argentina), Pamela da Rocha (Brazil), Dominique Tampier (Chile) and Paula Silva (Uruguay). From that standpoint, it is a clever marketing campaign featuring natives of the four countries that probably account for the bulk of Enjoy’s casino gaming clients. (Still no word if, like the NFL, Angels can be ordered to your seat at the blackjack table.)

Last year, Enjoy took over the casino and resort management of the Conrad Punta del Este and embarked on an extensive US$20 million renovation of Uruguay’s best known casino. (Full Story in Spanish)

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