Uruguay Rule of Law

The WJP Index measures how the rule of law is experienced in everyday life around the globe.

Uruguay is the Latin American country where the rule of law has the most solid foundation and reputation for equal treatment and citizen opportunity, according to a new global report.

The World Justice Report, a Washington-based organization working to advance the rule of law around the world, released their 2014 Rule of Law Index, and Uruguay received the #1 ranking in Latin America and 20th spot worldwide between the US (19th) and Chile (21st).

Of the factors upon which countries are ranked, Uruguay was 1st in Latin America for Absence of Corruption, Fundamental Rights, Civil Justice and Regulatory Enforcement; 2nd for Open Government and Civil Justice; and 3rd for Order & Security.

Globally, the top 5 countries in the WJP ranking are Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands while the bottom 5 are Cameroon, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Venezuela.  (Full Story)



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