Eighteen months after its March 2013 grand opening, the Hotel Casino Carrasco is arguably the most high-profile luxury hotel in Montevideo. While hotel occupancy is solid (62% last quarter), hotel management is working on a new business plan to drive more business to the casino.

Codere, the majority shareholder of the Sofitel Montevideo Casino Carrasco & Spa, is “betting on the promotion of new activities (cultural, among others), capturing more clients from abroad and bringing in advisors with vast experience in casino management like the former manager of the Hotel Conrad in Punta del Este, Jorge Serna, who is providing new ideas and contacts to reformulate the business,” writes Andres Lopez Reilly in today’s El Pais.

Serna’s knowledge of the Brazilian market should be an asset as the hotel seeks to capture more of the high rollers from Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre who keep the Conrad casino busy year-round. Las Vegas, Macao and Monaco are the other markets where hotel management is planning additional outreach.

The new manager of the property tells El Pais his objective is to deliver a successful business plan for the hotel: “We took a hotel with monthly losses, and today that it is getting better. There is a clear definition and a horizon that we know we can reach.” (Full Story in Spanish)

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