“Sabor A Mendoza” Seeks to Expand Argentina Olive Oil Tourism

Mendoza Food & Wine

Sabor A Mendoza will promote the region’s olive oil and olives which are Argentina’s fastest-growing crop.

Mendoza is a unique Argentine province with multiple trails devoted to promoting local industry and generating more inbound tourism. First there was the Wine Trail, then came the Golf Trail and now Mendoza is ready to promote La Ruta del Olivo or The Olive Trail.

Like grapes, premium olives and olive oil are now synonymous with Argentina, the #1 olive oil producer in the Americas with close to 200,000 acres planted in Mendoza and six other Argentine provinces. Earlier this year, we learned that olives are Argentina’s fastest-growing crop.

And just as Argentine wine exporters were able to steal market share from Chile and other wine-producing countries with the low price: high quality ratio, Argentina olive oil producers are gaining market share at a time when the Europe’s olive oil-exporting PIGS are being crushed by the debt crisis.

With exports of Argentina olive oil on the rise and wine tourism booming, Mendoza officials are now ready to promote olive tourism under an agro-industry umbrella called Sabor A Mendoza. Olive oil tastings, restaurant promotions and marketing materials touting the health benefits of olive oil are just a few of the planned activities in developing the Mendoza Olive Trail, according to MDZ Online. (Full Story in Spanish)

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