Uruguay Rails Would Give Bolivia & Paraguay Ocean Access

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Salida al oceano para Bolivia y Paraguay en Rocha

Salida Sagrada: The new rail lines would be an important step in making Rocha a major regional port.

The largest infrastructure project in the history of Uruguay could also change the landlocked history of South American neighbors, Bolivia and Paraguay.

The future deep water port in Rocha, which will serve as an east coast platform for Uruguay and Brazilian commodity exports, may also give Bolivia and Paraguay the ocean access they have craved for over a century.

A delegation from Uruguay’s Ministry of Transportation and Public Works will make presentations in Asuncion and La Paz this month proposing ocean access with the construction of new rail lines from both nations to the deep water port in Rocha. In return for the access, Uruguay will ask Bolivia and Paraguay to provide the rail ties for the project which aims to revolutionize regional rail infrastructure.

Bolivia and Paraguay are the two largest producers of rail ties in South America, although the majority of the ties they produce are wood crossties. Uruguay wants the new rail network to be built on precast concrete ties which are more durable and environmentally friendly than wooden ties, according to El Observador.

Uruguay’s Transportation Minister Enrique Pintado will make the historic proposals to Bolivia and Paraguay on December 18 and 19. (Full Story in Spanish)

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