Duke Energy Brings Renewable Energy to Argentina’s Patagonia

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Duke Energy Argentina, operator of the Alto Valle Power Station and the Cerros Colorados hydroelectric complex, has announced that it will now bring renewable energy to the Patagonia as part of the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP). The GSEP is an association of ten of the world’s largest electric companies dedicated to promoting sustainable development with clean energy alternatives.

According to Energy Daily, “In Argentina’s Patagonia region an 86-kilowatt hydroelectric station will provide power to the tiny rural community of Cochico, while a wind and diesel hybrid system of the same size will supply the isolated village of Chorriaca. Both communities now make do with inadequate and polluting diesel generators that operate sporadically.”

GSEP funds will finance the design and construction costs of both facilities, and Duke Energy is the lead sponsor of the Patagonia projects. Duke Energy Argentina CEO Guillermo Fiad explained the deal’s significance, “We are investing in this project, because we are a social and environmentally-responsible company, and we believe delivering higher quality electric service will contribute to the social and economic development of these communities.”

Upon completion, La Nacion says the Cochico-Coyuco and Chorriaca facilities will be capable of providing sustainable electric energy 24 hours a day. (Full Story in Spanish)

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