Initial Pampa Offering? El Tejar Weighs Options

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More Buenos Aires IPO news this week on the heels of yesterday’s post regarding TGLT’s public offering ambitions. Bloomberg BusinessWeek is reporting that BA-based El Tejar is weighing an IPO in New York and taking the necessary steps to be in compliance whenever the mood strikes over the next three years.

El Tejar CEO Oscar Alvarado told BBW, “We are preparing ourselves so that Brazil is not our only option, and the option exists of doing it in New York. We are preparing the company so as to be able to make the decision to go public whenever we decide.

With operations in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, El Tejar designs and manages grain and meat production systems with an emphasis on risk management and environmental sustainability. (Org Chart) El Tejar’s annual production of grains and oilseeds is roughly 3 million tons according to Bloomberg, and the company should benefit from record corn and soybean crops this year in both Argentina and Brazil.

While the company describes its focus and community involvement activities as “multilocal,” the company’s appeal to investors is definitely multinational. The two investment funds with the largest stakes in El Tejar are The Capital Group Companies and London-based Altima Partners LLP. (Bloomberg BusinessWeek article)

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