More European Investors Looking For Uruguay Opportunities

european investors in uruguay

Germany, France and Spain led the monthly ranking of foreign investors interested in Uruguay.

The number of European individuals and companies exploring investment opportunities in Uruguay rose sharply last month, according to the country’s leading investment and export promotion agency, Uruguay XXI.

While neighboring Southern Cone countries led the list of foreign investors looking to invest in Uruguay in July, European investors in Uruguay moved aggressively in August and claimed the top spot in the monthly ranking.

According to El Pais, the top three EU countries in terms of Uruguay investment inquiries were Spain (39%), Germany (11%) and France (6%). In terms of sectors of interest, 44% are interested in launching service-related businesses followed by industrial investment (17%) and construction/infrastructure investment (17%).

Southern Cone countries led by Argentina ranked second in terms of Uruguay investment inquiries, while Asian and North American investors interested in Uruguay sector opportunities ranked third. (Full Story in Spanish)

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