Uruguay Farmland: A Turnkey Global Investment In A Transparent Market

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Part of the wonder of tiny Uruguay is the wide range of topography and crop diversity. If Uruguay were a US state, it would rank somewhere between Florida and Missouri in terms of total land mass: 68,000 square miles.

Despite its size, Uruguay boasts a laundry list of farmland producing commodities shipped around the world: soybeans, wheat, rice, cattle, sheep, grapes and wine, olives, oranges, peaches, blueberries and more.

Among its many portfolio diversification advantages, an investment in Uruguay farmland is both turnkey and transparent. Foreign investors in Uruguay may choose to a.) farm their land themselves, b.) have a farm management company do it for them, or c.) lease out the land. The transparency is due in large part to an online tool, the CONEAT, which lists every agricultural parcel in terms of location, water resources, soil quality and productivity.

Each parcel has a unique CONEAT index which helps determine land value. The average index is 100 and anything above 120 is considered land for agriculture purposes, while lower values are more suitable for cattle and forestry. All CONEAT data is easily accessible and verifiable which makes it possible for foreign investors to determine fair market value and perform relevant comparisons with other parcels.

InvestBA is pleased to offer a wide variety of farmland investments in Uruguay ranging from a few dozen to several thousand acres with prices ranging from US$2,000 to US$6,000 per acre.

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