iPads Para Todos: What’s An iPad Worth in Argentine Steak or Milanesas?

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iPads Para Todos: The price per kilo of any technology in Argentina hinders competitiveness.

When the iPad landed in Argentina last September, the 16GB base model cost $3399, or just under US$900. That same model now costs $3699, an 8.8% increase in five months.

So with this inflationary environment, maybe we need to add Apple products to the list of consumer goods that classify as good investments in Argentina. But sometimes the relative value of goods gets lost in translation across continents and asset classes. Cukmi to the rescue.

Julian Gallo of Cukmi, La Nacion’s colorful food blog, boils several big ticket items down to their price per kilo including a Citroen 4-door sedan, a 40-inch Samsung LED television and, of course, the $3699 16GB WiFi-enabled iPad.

As informative as it is entertaining, the exercise lets us compare the price per kilo of an iPad in Argentina (US$1,350) vs. the U.S. (US$730), a Samsung TV in Argentina (US$86/kilo) vs. the U.S. (US$39/kilo) and a Canon SX210 in Argentina (US$2,655) vs. the U.S. (US$1,150).

Gallo then takes it one step further by comparing the price per kilo of these electronic items with the price per kilo of agricultural commodities like beef and grains. These types of comparisons typically have more relevance when we think in terms of things we buy on a daily basis, so milanesas and sirloin steaks are the supermarket selections for Argentina and the U.S., respectively. It turns out, 1 kilo of iPads in Argentina is worth 260 kilos (573 lbs.) of milanesas, while 1 kilo of iPads in the U.S. is worth 112 kilos (247lbs.) of sirloin steaks.

So considering their price appreciation, inflationary hedge and personal productivity features, maybe the government should look into iPads Para Todos. (Full Story in Spanish)

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